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Our Team

Peter J. Legnos


Peter is the founder and President of LBI, Inc. which was established in 1971. Since the inception of the company, Peter has, for 51 years, continuously managed the company as well as being the chief designer. Peter has many accomplishments in naval architecture, including boat design and marine systems design. His designs include a range of vessels from sail boats to commercial boats, ROVs, UUVs and USVs.

Peter is also the advisor to the Arctic Science Program at the U.S Naval Academy. He holds patents for the integrated tug/barge connection system. Pending patents include the AXIB buoy, air deployable underwater glider folding wing and control mechanism, and the pressure compensated submersible tether winch for towed arrays.

James Rosenberger

Senior Engineer/Operations Manager

Jim is the lead engineer responsible for design and manufacturing process development for LBI’s wide range of capabilities and products. He develops detailed production schedules that ensure the timely execution of LBI’s many projects. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut, with a minor in Mathematics.

His expertise in weldment and mold manufacturing along with his background in product design supports all engineering staff and LBI projects. He plays a pivotal role in every phase of a project from bidding and design through fabrication and testing.

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