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LBI offers a range of design, prototype development, testing and manufacturing services for maritime related disciplines.

Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture

  • Over 51 years of marine system design experience
  • Engineering Design and Prototyping
  • Mechanical and Ocean Engineering Staff
  • Electrical and Electronic Systems
  • Solidworks
  • Composite Design for Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, and Kevlar
  • Corrosion Coating and Anode Design & Optimization

Manufacturing & Fabrication Services

  • CNC machining
  • CNC Routing
  • CNC cutting of composite reinforcements (Fiberglass,Carbon FIber Kevlar)
  • Waterjet Cutting
  • Metal Fabrication and Certified Welding
  • Pattern and Plug Fabrication
  • Composite Molds and Tooling
  • Hydraulics
  • Contact Hand Layup Molding
  • Vacuum Bag Molding
  • Vacuum Compression Molding
  • Vacuum Resin Infusion (VRIM)
  • Aluminum Molds and Tooling
  • SSPC Blasting
  • SSPC and NAVSEA Coatings

Non Destructive Testing & Anti-Corrosion Capabilities

  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Dye Penetrant Testing
  • Anti-Corrosive Foam Filling Procedure

Certifications and Procedures

  • ISO9001 Compliant
  • US/Canada Joint Certification Program (JCP) Certified
    • For acquisition of Government TDP’s (Technical Data Packages)
  • AWS D 17.1 (Specification for Fusion Welding of Aerospace Applications)
    • GTAW-TIG
      • Fillet All Positions
      • Groove All Positions
  • AWS D 1.1 (Structural Welding-Steel)
    • MIG and Stick
      • Complete Joint Penetration of Pipe
      • Fillet All Positions
      • Groove All Positions
  • SSPC SP 10 Compliant
  • Non Destructive Testing
    • Magnetic Particle and Die Penetrant Equipment and Testing
  • Measurement Tools and Gauges Calibrated to Mil-STD-45662

LBI offers a range of onsite facilities for prototype development and manufacturing.

Our Facilities & Equipment

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