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Projects and Services

Air Deployable Arctic Buoy Development

SBIR (Small business Innovative Research) projects include the development of the AXIB for NOAA, an air deployable “Seasonal Ice Buoy” designed to survive the crushing forces of the ice through multiple freeze and thaw cycles in the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans.
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ALERT21 Underwater Glider Design and Prototyping of the ALERT21 Underwater Glider

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Dolphin Delivered Mine Neutralizers

LBI developed many of the components of the Navy’s Marine Mammal Program, the dolphin delivered Mark 87-88 mine neutralization system. LBI developed the prototypes and manufactured the Mark 87-88 system for the Navy.
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Glider Design and Prototyping of the Stingray Glider

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) and Scripps Institution of Oceanography contracted with Legnos' expertise in the field to develop the Stingray and X-ray Underwater Gliders Prototypes.
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Large Displacement Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

LBI projects for ONR include the development of an Unmanned Surface Vessel LVC (Low Visibility Craft) for mine field mapping and ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) missions and the transport, launch and recovery of UUV’s.
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Mooring Systems

In September 2013, LBI was awarded a 5 year contract to design and fabricate composite log camels for the United States Navy.
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Restoration of the NR-1 Submarine

LBI was contracted to produce an installed display of the NR-1 Submarine for the Naval Submarine Force Museum.
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Unmanned Low Visibility Craft

LBI developed an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) Low Visibility Craft (LVC) for deploying unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV’s).
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