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AXIB (Airborne Expendable Buoys) Article

Article detailing LBI Inc. award and innovation design of extreme weather buoys used to gather oceanographic data in extreme environments.

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Carbon Fiber Passive Heave Compensated Davit Article

Article describing the 5 year, $5.4 million dollar contract to design and manufacture a launch and recovery system for unmanned underwater vehicles for the Navy.

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NR-1 Restoration

Article depicting the restoration work LBI Inc. performed on the NR-1 exhibit which is the Navy’s first submarine. The NR-1 is on display in at the Nautilus Museum located in Groton, CT.

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Marine Mammal Program: Mine Neutralizers

Article about LBI Inc.’s $5.9 million dollar contract awarded for the design, fabrication, and testing of mine neutralizers for the marine mammal program for SPAWAR San Diego.

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LBI offers a range of design, prototype development, testing and manufacturing services for maritime related disciplines.

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